Once you get your head screwed on straight, you should make a better effort to think rationally, focusing on common sense and, even better, logic. You may also begin noticing more red flags, the term I use for words, actions, or events that seem somehow odd.

Politix Beginners

For example, we live in a fast-changing world that is extraordinarily confusing. Therefore, common sense dictates that political websites should be nicely organized and should feature a link for beginners. Most of my political websites prominently display a copy of the button on the right, which is linked to this website.

Now, take a look at the following popular political websites. Do you think a person who is new to politix would describe them as helpful or clear as mud? In fact, most political websites are very similar.

  1. HuffPost
  2. BuzzFeed
  3. Noam Chomsky

Below is a list of ten other things that seem awfully odd to me.

  1. During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, how was it possible for a commercial airliner to fly low over Washington, D.C. and crash into the Pentagon without being photographed?
  2. The fact that a bullet that allegedly struck President John F. Kennedy was dubbed “the magic bullet” speaks volumes.
  3. One of the most famous “Holocaust survivors” is Roman Polanski, a Jewish pedophile who never spent one day in a German labor camp.
  4. Why hasn’t the U.S. put astronauts on the moon in half a century, in spite of the mind boggling advances in technology that have been made during that time?
  5. There is tantalizing historical evidence that Abraham Lincoln may have been gay, a Jew, or both. Why do people seldom talk about that intriguing quirk of history?
  6. How is it possible that a person as famously corrupt and deranged as Donald Trump could run as a pResidential candidate twice (getting elected the first time) and will very likely run a third time in 2024?
  7. How is it possible that a pResident as old, apparently semi-senile, and unpopular as Joe Biden could run for re-(s)election?
  8. Why does the U.S. government complain about Chinese surveillance when Google and the U.S. social networks are probably the biggest spies on the planet?
  9. How is it possible that we now have a national debt of $34 trillion, and it’s predicted to increase at the rate of $2 trillion a year?
  10. How can one explain the strange saga of Jeffrey Epstein? Is it possible he’s still alive today?